5 Reasons Why Costly File Servers Are a Relic of the Past

Costs aren’t the only downside to File Servers. If you’re running a File Server, then you may be at risk. Here are five reasons why File Servers are costly and slow down your business:

  1. File Servers are high-cost and low-agility.File Servers are machines, and machines need maintenance and upgrades. This adds up to significant expense. And what happens when your company expands? That’s more money and more resources lost in building out more server space.
  1. You get no uptime guarantees.How much would it cost your business to be down for a day? How about for even 1 hour? According to VentureBeat, about 73% of businesses like yours have had some type of interruption in the past 5 years. Downtime means lost data and missed opportunities.
  1. File Servers aren’t made for a mobile workforce.Today’s mobile workforce needs immediate access to their data from anywhere, on any device. With a File Server, “mobile” means logging in to a VPN on a laptop or dealing with the hassle of configuring a mobile device connection. And even then, it might not work with all devices.
  1. Sharing files outside your business is complicated—if possible at all.In today’s business world, your business often needs to view or collaborate on files. But a File Server may not provide this capability. Even if it does, it’s hard to set up on the server side, to say nothing of the requirements on your user’s computer. Once again, there’s additional investment in time, money and energy.
  1. Collaborating on files gets messy. Fast.What happens when two people both need to work on a file? How do you prevent one person from overwriting the work of the other? With File Servers, you don’t have control over versioning and overwriting. It’s a chaotic mess and a drain on productivity.

How much can you save with SecuriSync vs. a costly File server? The results are in. View our cost savings calculator below to see for yourself.

Insert the following prices into the calculator below:

  • $4.99 – 10 GB per user
  • $9.99 – 100 GB per user
  • $14.99 – Unlimited storage per user
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