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Protect your MSP from a data breach that could take down your business

According to the 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study by the Ponemon Institute, one in four businesses (globally) will experience a data breach costing $1.6M within the next 24 months.

As an MSP, that cost alone could very well put you out of business. But consider the irreparable damage to your reputation from a data breach – and what if you had a significant portion of your self worth invested into the business?

MSP Protect quickly delivers modern, simple, affordable identity and access security that’s custom-built for MSPs. Protecting your business has never been simpler, or more cost-effective.

Quickly safeguard your net worth with two-factor authentication

When your customers trust you to protect their best interests, all it takes is a single data breach to send them in search of a new MSP.

The leading cause of data breaches? Weak, default, or stolen passwords*.

Unlike antivirus or anti-malware, two-factor authentication solves the password problem by requiring users to provide more than one factor of identity – not only something that they know (password), but also something they have or possess (token or smartphone app-based token), or something unique to that person such as a fingerprint or iris scan. This means that even if a phishing attack results in a stolen password, the attacker doesn’t have the user’s second identity factor needed to pass the second layer of authentication – which makes unauthorized authentication virtually impossible.

MSP Protect safeguards your business with advanced two-factor authentication, allowing you to mitigate the risk of a breach, and rest easy knowing that AuthAnvil is protecting your business, your clients, and ultimately your net worth.

Reduce the Pain of Passwords

Eliminate the pain of remembering long passwords. With single sign-on (SSO) users can access all the applications, websites, and cloud services they need in a day, simply by entering a single password. Combined with the security of two-factor authentication, SSO not only eliminates the problem of weak passwords, but also increases your users’ productivity as they are no longer required to enter or remember complex passwords.

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