AuthAnvil Single Sign-On

Humans Create Terrible Passwords

Did you know the average employee logs into ten different applications per day to get their work done. Single Sign-On helps maintain strong password procedures while also reducing password fatigue. Users benefit from more convenient, faster logins, and you maintain the security of your business systems.

Save time logging in securely, without having to know or enter a password

  • Log in from Anywhere:
    Access the apps you use from virtually anywhere, at any time
  • One Click and You’re In:
    Make it easier for users to log in without needing to know where to go, or what credentials to use
  • Simple Provisioning:
    Easily assign apps and set up users
  • Flexible:
    Leverage industry standard protocols like SAML, WS-Trust, WS-Fed right out of the box

Ease of Use and Efficiency

  • Employees securely log into their AuthAnvil Launchpad and from there can access their applications by simply clicking on an icon
  • Minimize the cost and burden on your IT department by reducing or eliminating the need for password resets
  • Mobile Access

Customize Your Web Experience Like Never Before

  • Organize apps in your personalized dashboard
  • Easily rearrange your apps with drag and drop
  • Fully supports industry standard single sign-on protocols like SAML
  • Built-in catalog with many of the popular web applications used today
  • Automatically provisions access by security group. When synced with Universal Directory, gives instant app access through existing group memberships.

Fuel Authentication Automation With Workflows

Use AuthAnvil’s unique FastPass tool to create your own automated web workflows for sites that do not support SSO standards. Through a simple Chrome extension you can record login activity, allowing you to create individualized workflows to use in AuthAnvil later. Once a workflow is published, AuthAnvil takes over the heavy work and will automatically sign users in with ease. 

Use AuthAnvil’s web recorder to build your own workflows

  • Our automated web recorder will capture activity as you log in with a simple Chrome extension
  • Record both login and change-password sequences
  • Save to a simple file format that you can edit visually, and use in AuthAnvil later

The easiest workflow editor you’ve ever used

  • Drag and drop elements to create custom workflows
  • Easily optimize and update workflows in just a few clicks
  • Share completed workflows with your team and your customers
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