Cloud Servers

What is Cloud Server?

Cloud Server is a highly available multi-tenant platform that’s architected specifically around superior performance, availability and data protection.

Terra Nova’s commitment to premium components extends to its data center, enterprise-grade hosting servers, networking hardware, VMware cloud services, and Microsoft platform software.

We have structured our hosted server offering to provide initial configurations that match most use cases. All Cloud Server configurations can be set up with an essentially unlimited number of virtual machines, each with a “guest” operating system.

Our hosted servers  offer four initial configurations (all of which can be scaled with more storage, RAM, or vCPUs at any time):

Cloud Server I:

1 vCPU, 1 GB reserved memory, 50 GB storage, 50 GB bandwidth

Cloud Server II:

1 vCPU, 2 GB reserved memory, 100 GB storage, 100 GB bandwidth

Cloud Server III:

2 vCPUs, 3 GB reserved memory, 150 GB storage, 200 GB bandwidth

Cloud Server IV:

3 vCPUs, 4 GB reserved memory, 200 GB storage, 300 GB bandwidth

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