How do you assure your coworkers, customers, and partners have access to the latest versions of key documents, contact lists, and other information?
Hosted SharePoint 2013 from Terra Nova allows companies to centrally share and update information over the web. Use it to manage documents, run blogs, create wikis and more.

New Expanded Features In Sharepoint 2013:

The new features in SharePoint 2013 – the latest version – provide better ease of use and increased functionality.

  • Expanded Browser Support . Runs smoothly on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • Improved Search. Optimizes search capabilities providing more relevant results and a more interactive search experience.
  • List Enhancements . Improved user experience in the case of large lists.
    Mobile Device Enhancements . Expands access to various pages, lists and functionality from any smart device.
  • Workflow Enhancements . Improves and expands options to build automated workflows that can accommodate complex business scenarios.
  • Improved User Interface. Includes the Microsoft “Ribbon” interface, integration with Microsoft Office, drag and drop capabilities, and enhanced social media capabilities.
  • Customizable Templates. Upload and use custom/third-party templates.
    Visio Services. View and share Visio diagrams directly in SharePoint 2013.

With hosted SharePoint 2013, your staff can benefit from the great collaboration tools SharePoint 2013 has to offer – without the costly hardware and maintenance headaches. Hosted SharePoint 2013 is available as a standalone as well as an integrated addition to hosted Exchange 2013.

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