Your website isn’t what you see… it’s what you make others see, no matter what device they use. Finally… A custom website, professionally designed and managed, that you can update yourself, at a fixed monthly cost.

Works on any device: desktops, tablets, mobile phones… We know your customers want to view your website on whatever device they have on hand. We make sure your site looks good and works flawlessly no mater what device they use.

Page Builder: create and edite pages in real time and see changes as you make them. When you edit your page, you see changes happening in real-time. No more editing on the back end, saving your changes, then refreshing the front end to see if it came out right. Need a custom font, custom padding, or a custom color? No problem. Each element is fully customizable. Organize your page by sections, rows, columns, and modules. Create various column layouts, and drag to re-arrange components. And rest assure that everything will automatically re-arrange itself based on the device that’s viewing your page. We provide you with 45+ content modules so that you can add just about anything you need to your page by simply selecting it and configuring some options. Just click the text you’d like to edit, and start typing. Need to change colors, fonts, text sizes? The options panel magically appears when you need it. Wanna know what your page will look like on mobile or on a tablet? Wanna hide or show certain components only on mobile? Check and check. If you’ve ever created web pages, you’ll know that it can be repetitive… especially for headers or footers that are the same on every page. With global templates, now you can create it once, and add it to as many pages as you want.

Split Testing: create multiple versions of anything and see which converts better. The integrated split testing system lets you create multiple versions of any component on any page. Powerful statistics and insights allow you to see at a glance which version works better. After your test has run it’s course simply choose a winner. Any component on the page can be split tested. Test buttons, images, colors, and even full sections. The system will automatically show users one version of your page and track uer engagement like clicks, reads, and sales. Make your pages better by testing different content, colors, fonts, and layouts. Powerful data helps you figure out where you could improve. Want to test 3 or 4 versions of your page? No problem. The system lets you create as many versions as you want to run in parallel. No need to waste precious time holding tournament style tests. You can test them all at the same time. A wide range of statistics are collected during your tests such as bounce rate, click through rate, engagement, and sales. Stats are also easy to read and understand. Once your test is complete, you can easily pick the winner.

Social Media: integrates with 20+ social media networks and includes stats. Stop using ugly social badges. We can all agree, there’s nothing worse than a set of ugly, slow sharing badges invading your beautifully designed website. Upgrade your website with social sharing badges that look great and load lightning fast. Harness the power of Social Media with sharing on 20+ social networks. Make it easy for your visitors to share your products and services with their friends… no matter what social network they’re on. Pick and choose the networks you want to enable. Re-arrange them in order of the most important and even add a More button to allow customers to share with the rest of them. A floating sidebar is a very common, effective, and sleek way to add social sharing icons to any page on your website. We’ve even included unique hover styles for the vertical and browser edge orientation of a social sidebar. Perfect for blog posts and content heavy pages, you can place sharing buttons either above the content area, below the content area, or in both locations. Media is arguably the most shared content on the web, and Monarch makes media sharing even easier. When users hover over media elements within your content, social sharing buttons fade in for quick and easy sharing. You can create automatic sharing pop-ups that can be triggered by timed delays, when a user reaches the bottom of a post or page, and even upon page leave. These are incredibly effective. Similar to triggered pop-ups, fly-ins are another great way to grab your readers’ attention when they are most engaged. These can also be triggered by time delays, page location, or when the user’s mouse is leaving the page.

Maintenance: all maintenance and updates are included and performed regularly. Updates come out every day. Let us worry about keeping your website patched and updated. We deal with all the concerns that come along with updating your website so you don’t have to. There are never any hidden or extra costs to keep your site updated, patched, and secure.

Drop us a line anytime and one of our team members will be happy to help you
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