Unigma Management Suite

Unified Cloud Management

Performance Monitoring, Automation, and Cost Analytics for Public Clouds

Monitor and Manage Public Clouds at Scale

Unigma helps you manage AWS, Azure and Google clouds by eliminating complexities and unifying cloud management. Unigma’s 3 modules make management easy and help you control and lower cloud spending

Cloud Cost Optimizer

Optimize your cloud spend by lowering your costs. Unigma looks at your resource utilization and provides intelligent advice on right-sizing your resources so you are not overspending

Cloud Manager

Monitor your clouds, at scale, using API-level metrics for AWS, Azure and Google. Get setup quickly and automate routine tasks

Cut Your Costs in the Cloud

Gain valuable insights on usage and optimization of all your virtual machines across AWS, Azure and Google Clouds. With Unigma you’ll get actionable data on which of your VMs are under-utilized, and recommendations on how to save real dollars on your cloud infrastructure. Make better, more intelligent decisions about which VMs to keep, which to ditch, and which to scale-down. Start saving with Unigma today.

See What’s Possible With Unigma

Experience the benefit of multi-cloud management.


Monitor infrastructure performance in the cloud.


Manage tasks from a single interface.

Cost Management

Report on cost saving opportunities, analyze your and your customers’ cloud spend.
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